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About Director of Labour

The most important functions of the Director of Labour include maintaining peaceful atmosphere in the labour sector; ensure co-operation and healthy relation between employers and the employees, systematic implementation of labour legislation, enhancing welfare of workers through better policies and programmes. The Director of Labour is aimed at providing decent working conditions and improved quality of life to the workers at ensuring harmonious industrial relations...

The mission of the Director of Labour is to promote growth of industrial and commercial activities by ensuring harmonious relationship between employer and worker providing statutory cover to the workman through preventive, conciliatory effort, adjudicatory, punitive action and promoting welfare activities through planning process to alleviate the suffering of working class.

Latest Infomration

Shri Vijay Rupani
Shri Vijay Rupani

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat

Smt. Anandiben Patel
Smt. Anandiben Patel

Minister, Labour and Employment

Shri Dilipkumar Viraji Thakore
Shri Dilipkumar Viraji Thakore

Minister, Labour & Employment Department

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