The main objective of the labour department in the state is to provide industrial safety, peace and harmony without jeopardizing the interests of working force and special thrust is being given for the safety security & health of the unorganized sector workers in the state..

The State Commissionerate of Labour is formed to formulate industrial friendly policy to simplify the complexity of various Labour Laws. As part of it, formulation of policy to reduce quantum of inspection that is complaint based inspection under various Labour Laws, simplified and Consolidate Annual Return for various Labour Laws is implemented. The State Commissionerate of Labour is of firm view to have "Umbrella Legislation" for informal sector labour in the state to provide social security and other benefits to informal sector labour which comprises 93% of the total workforce.

State Government has promised to provide stimulating atmosphere to industrial adventurers in the field of capital investment to industries and business. Looking of the globalization and position in the changed condition at the international level. The enforcement machinery of the labour department ensures effective implementation of labour laws and ensuring and protecting the rights of working force provided under various labour laws. Gujarat state is thus provided as a model state in this regard...

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