The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 & The Minimum Wages (Gujarat) Rules 1961

. Information for Citizen
. Salient Features of the Act
Object It provides for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain employments which are included in the schedule.
It extends to the whole of India. The Act applies to the schedule employments for which minimum wages are fixed/revised. Basic wage and variable DA shall be fixed based on consumer price index. It can be minimum piece rate or time rate. The minimum wages are fixed in Gujarat on the advise of the State level minimum wage advisory committee. This advisory committee is consisting of the members of both employers and employees and also other experts. Every employer shall pay the minimum wages for the schedule employment under this Act. There is provision to fix hours of work overtime and wages for overtime. The Claim for non-payment of minimum wages shall be filed before the concerned area Labour Court. Penalties are provided in the Act for violations of provision of Act read with Rules
Rules 1. The Minimum Wages (Gujarat) Rules, 1961.
2. The Minimum Wages (Central Advisory Board) Rules, 1949.
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